Felix Laband

downtempo // ambient // south african electronica

One tune to wake up to, and another to drift into sleep with.

Felix Laband – Whistling in Tongues
Felix Laband – Radio Right Now

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17 Responses to “Felix Laband”

  1. Cliff :

    Nice, you found him.
    He’s got some really awesome tracks, seen him live a few times.

    If you’re looking for similar (but different), check out some of the other albumbs published by “African Dope Records”, I think he’s still with them.

    Specifically: Sibot, Watkin Tudor Jones (the two of whom, with Markus Wormstrom make up “The Real Estate Agents”), and The Sticky.

  2. Kerry :

    Paul –

    I read Aurgasm not only for the hot beats, but for your incisive commentary. Don’t let us down!

  3. christopher :

    I was really blown away when I heard this. Beautiful tracks. Aurgasm gets a gold star.

  4. Paul Irish :

    Kerry, thanks for the comment. I’ve been swamped at work, so I haven’t devoted the time i want to aurgasm. Figured it was better to post something than keep delaying.
    My voice will return soon. :)

  5. Yossarian :

    I’ve rushed to picked this up. Excellent tip. This is your real work!

  6. runman :

    Damn! I have this album, and when I saw the post, I went rumaging around for it, but alas, not found. Damn!
    Good stuff though, but hey, of course.

  7. music man :

    I have to agree with Cliff. I first heard Felix Laband during a trip to Zimbabwe about four years ago.

    I picked up a CD for Felix as well as an African Dope Records compilation.

  8. Anonymous :

    Radio Right Now is so good!

    Thanks for discovering :)

  9. Guuzbourg :

    Try getting the Todd Terje remix of Whistling in Tongues as well, it’s brilliant.

  10. simon :

    Thank you Paul for featuring Felix. He is one of my favourite artists and these tunes a couple of his finest creations. He is brilliant. A fellow South African too. Great music for cycling on a sunny day.

  11. Anonymous :

    I know I’ve heard this track on some car commercial before.

    Can somebody back me up…?

  12. A P :

    Paul, I just discovered your blog today. How many subscribers do you have now? I’d be suprised if it was a small number.

    My wife and I are from Atlanta and were heavily involved in the DJ/electronic/ambient/folk culture of the artsy, rock sections. For the next year, though, we’re living in South Korea doing some teaching and finding good music is incredibly difficult.

    Your blog is amazing. Thanks for taking the time! I’ve been downloading bands like crazy today because I’ve liked to many on your site!

  13. Paul Irish :

    @a p. Thanks! FYI I have about 4700 subscribers to my RSS feed and enough daily visitors to basically give about 50,000 monthly unique visitors to aurgasm. (That’s visitors not visits.)

  14. wils :

    he;s great. music is stunning

  15. Adrian :

    I’m glad to find that Felix is appreciated..

  16. Adrian :

    Can anyone suggest any other music that you might compare to Felix’s level?

  17. nikos :

    dark days exit is a modern classic.felix laband rulez