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Annika Line Trost is a charming and charismatic creature. You probably know her from the Berlin duo Cobra Killer, who began as a part of digital hardcore movement. You hear her voice, her sound, and her gorgeous style as you click on play her album Trust Me (2006) lead you into the world of the urban rhythms and the most elegant darkness. Trost tells you her stories of cheap lipstick and love in three languages, English, German and French.

Be aware, she’s an addictive one.
Trost – I was Wrong
Trost – In Diesem Raum
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5 Responses to “Trost”

  1. Hugh :

    This was surprisingly good… though it’s also the most normal music on here in a while too. Oh well, Swedish roots reggae was good too.

  2. melanie :

    Luv this Artist, strong beats and soft but cool voice…
    thnx, that I found ur blog
    I will continue having a look on it..

    take care


  3. André Cortes :

    Saw her Live the 23/03/07 at the Recyclart, Brussels.

    Amazing show! She is a very hard person to handle tough (very full of herself)…

  4. Antoine :

    Excellent! Thanks for pointing out…

    Keep up the good work,

  5. DjOu :

    Tres bon! merci pour cette découverte ;)