Julie Feeney

vocal folk // avant-pop // irish singer-songwriter

It’s quite rare an artist is both amazingly creative, productive and has good management skills. Julie Feeney does it all: she composes, writes, sings and promotes all her songs, and it’s needless to say she is truly passionate about music. The critics immediately appraised Julie for her sparse, clean vocals. In Julie’s “Autopilot”, the xylophone sounds and the clever lyrics, frame a melody so immersing that it’s impossible not to listen to it over and over again. “You Bring Me Down” is melodic and never boring with its sweet eclecticism.

Like warm spring rain washing away the snow.
Julie Feeney – You Bring Me Down
Julie Feeney – Autopilot
Julie’s blog
Julie Feeney – Aching (music video)
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5 Responses to “Julie Feeney”

  1. azulmarino :

    What happened with the streaming option? It was useful to check the tunes before deciding to commit download or not.

  2. Paul Irish :

    Hmm It’s still loading up for me. What browser are you using?

  3. Irish Music with Jonathan Ramsey :

    This is beautiful. I must not got to and play the right festivals. I’ve seen some other great artists, but this is really amazing.

    Let’s hope for more.



  4. courvidae :

    “Autopilot” has grown on me throughout the week, and I’m now listening to it just about constantly. Excellent pick, thanks for introducing her to us.

  5. Anonymous :

    Julie Feeney is playing at the place I work, the Arts Centre in Wexford, Ireland, next Friday. Hope I get to do front of house :D