Oren Lavie

baroque pop // singer-songwriter

Immediately on hearing this track I thought of Badly Drawn Boy’s seminal album The Hour of Bewilderbeast. Oren Lavie has the clear, high-fidelity instrumentation I associate with the UK baroque pop scene; having string work similar to the cello I fell in love with in BDB’s “The Shining,” and a general gaiety about songwriting that respects the listener while treating them with a cute tune worth sharing. It’s a shame his album is still only released in Europe; apparently they’d rather put off us Americans with a $22.99 sale price. Silly recording industry. :-/

Warm, sunny, aural afternoon delight.
Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance
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16 Responses to “Oren Lavie”

  1. Erock :

    I like this, I have your website on my RSS feed, you always find great and amazing new music I’ve never heard of…Keep up the good work.

  2. Mike :

    This entire album is now available for download on emusic.com. Great site.

  3. Paul Irish :

    Wow, that’s great news, Mike. Can you post the permalink to the album page on emusic?
    To everyone, with emusic you can download this album in mp3 without any sort of nasty DRM. It’s great!

  4. Lena :

    This is sweet!

  5. huipiiing :

    I concur with the badly drawn boy reference. This track makes me happy, thanks Paul.

  6. Anna :

    Since a few month I’m regularly reading and listening to the music you have chosen. I’m from Germany and my taste in music is quite different of yours, but I still like your choices sometimes and it shows me a new kind of music. Thank you for that!

  7. Twelve Fingered Man :

    Agreed, I check this site daily and purchase the CDs often. Four thumbs up.

  8. Micha :

    Great choice. He reminds me somehow of Nick Drake. But without this dark side in the songs.

    btw. Am also from Germany and reading this blog for ages now. Keep up the cool work :)

    And this CD will definetly will get bought :)

  9. Manu â„¢ :


  10. Anonymous :

    Awesome song!! Can’t get enough!!!

  11. fabíola (brazil) :

    thanks for the song!!
    its wonderfull, i have been looking for ir for a while, now i have it!!

  12. scory :

    As of Sunday, April 29th, “The Other Side of the Sea” is available on iTunes, though still no word on a US CD release.

  13. Ian :

    i think if eddie vedder & nick drake had a son, this is what his voice would sound like. great song. i’ll be grabbing this off emusic asap.

  14. Anonymous :

    Thank you so much for sharing this… perfectly fits my day.

  15. lj: devour_me :

    I’d agree with the immediate Badly Drawn Boy comparison (Once Around the Block!), but I’m surprised no one has mentioned Beck’s album Sea of Change. Interesting track!

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