Aline de Lima

brazilian // bossa nova

The essence of Brazilian Bossa nova is the subtle mixture of wistful melancholy, joy and yearning, often defined as saudade, a Portuguese word with no English equivalent. Far away from her home country, Brazilian native Aline de Lima redefines the Bossa nova sound by blending fresh arrangements of gentle samba rhymes, Latin influences and tropical flavours with the quality of saudade. Lively compositions of her album Açaí (2008) and Aline’s beautifully smooth voice caress the ear, while her rich vocal nuances shine throughout songs of love, longing and nostalgia.

Equally delicate and seductive.
Aline de Lima – O Solar de Catirina
Aline de Lima – Canto Morno
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2 Responses to “Aline de Lima”

  1. JohanR :

    I just have to thank you for a great site!

    Great collection of new music, you have even helped me to notice artists from my homeland of Sweden that I haven’t payed notice to.

    And I really have to thank you for the great functionality and UI design on the site! Look at all that AJAX! Functionality – 2.0 in it’s prime!

    / Johan

  2. Trevor :

    Tasty stuff! I dig the bossa, keep it coming.