Enur – Calabria

dance // tropical // reggae

You’ve probably heard this. Either you’ve danced to this in a club, or you’ve heard the bastardization of it that Pitbull and Lil’ Jon did, “The Anthem”. But here’s the real story: the instrumental was done by Danish DJ Enur in 2003. It blew up in Ibiza but stayed cool everywhere else until late 2006 when it was mashed together with vocals from Crystal Waters into a track called “Destination Calabria” which hit the charts hard. Last year Enur takes the track and throws on vocals from Dannish reggae queen Natasja Saad, who sadly died of a car accident before she could see its absolute success. And now? You dance.

The summer jam of 2008.
Enur feat. Natasha – Calabria
Enur – Calabria (music video) (warning: scantily clad ladies)
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13 Responses to “Enur – Calabria”

  1. Fiz :

    Ok, I could’ve sworn that I heard the Natasja version around Christmas time 2006. And it’s only a hit almost 2 years later? Very odd.

    Didn’t like the instrumental, but Destination Calabria made me grow to love it.

  2. jared :

    yes, i concur, The summer jam of 2008.
    with this at unnecessarily loud levels on my deck or with the top down, i will be rocking.

  3. Jeppe :

    Although I was not into Natasha, it was indeed a shame she died at such early age. I am impressed at you guys insoght to the Danish scene! Ane Trolle is way cool, and you might wanna check out Hannah Schneider’s “raindrops”. I have a legal free mp3 of that for you if you are interested. (http://www.myspace.com/hannahschneidermusic)


  4. Pete "eargasm" dav :

    No suprise you put up a song I had been jamming to for a few months now… Listen man. I want you to think seriously about contacting me. People have told me my music blog is just like yours. AND IT IS. the last couple tracks i checked last month were average. But im living down in miami. and this song is fucking HOT. it makes me sweat. WOOP WOOP.

  5. Pete "eargasm" davey :

    The summer jam of 2008. treu

  6. Søren :

    The original came in 2003 and was called Rune Rk – Calabria, then the version with natasja came in 2006, and enur is rune spelled backwards ;) And the orignal is the best…

  7. jared :

    Went to a random bar last night, happened upon a random bikini contest (honestly) and this was the final competition song they rocked.

  8. Paul Irish :

    Um. WOW.

    Thanks, bro. :)

  9. jess :

    I love this song! I was in Spain last summer, and this song was in the clubs, in the streets, on the music channel. I love it, and glad to see the interest coming around.

    Reminds me of Daft Punk, and how Kanye made “Stronger” out of it. That one disappointed me though.

  10. Fel :

    In Greece, this song became a hit last summer (that’s 2007)

  11. mark pascale :

    does anyone know the names of the cast..such as the back up dancers and the guy dancing as well

  12. Jorge Barrera :

    I do not have enough words to say how wonderful this woman was, and songs I can listen to them the whole the whole year


  13. tara :

    You should listen to 2008 remix with MIMS. its pretty good to rock out to.