Da Cruz

brazilian // bossa nova

The delightful and energetic rhythms of Brazil transform the listeners of Mariana Da Cruz far away from the clichéd carnivals, bikinis and samba-plumes to the urban and still romantic part of the tropical country. A choir and Bossa nova singer, Da Cruz has been performing at the clubs of São Paulo and Lisbon, Portugal, where she absorbed the influences of fashionable European electro and traditional Fado music. Multi-influenced, yet connected to her roots, Da Cruz develops the sound of a fresh, summery and compelling pop.

A real Brazilian feel.
Da Cruz – Sarah

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3 Responses to “Da Cruz”

  1. golem09 :

    Just bought it, will listen to it in a minute :)

  2. arw :

    oh, man, that is wundeba :)
    …just sit back and enjoy

  3. luke :

    I bought one too! lots of fun!