Ana Martins

bossa nova

Sometimes, we need to slow down. When my days get too busy and nights are too short, a little bossa nova can work wonders. Ana Martins, daughter of Brazilian composers Nelson Ângelo and Joyce, provides exactly that with her debut album Futuros Amantes. Her voice lightly wisps together a delicate blend of soft trumpets and violins, subtle drums, playful xylophones and pianos, all accompanied by acoustic guitar.

Warm up and relax with ritmos do Brazil.
Ana Martins – Brigas Nunca Mais
Ana Martins – Nada Parecido Com Você
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7 Responses to “Ana Martins”

  1. Paulo Borges :


    Viva Ana!

  2. highrize :

    Nice find! Love the mix of tracks you post.

  3. nina :

    Hey great blog!

    I’d love it if you checked mine out, just started it a few days ago. I will be posting Mon-Thu every week, hopefully!

    I write mostly blurbs and ramblings about music every day, and I want to start doing some more album/song reviews when the time comes. I would really appreciate a comment or some feedback! :) thanks!

  4. rfanoni :

    This is rapidly becoming my-must-check-daily blog. Great stuff, most of which I’ve never heard before, which is a scandal. Great music deserves a bigger audience.

  5. Michael Kreha :

    Hey y’all-

    Great post! I was recently introduced to bossa nova by a Brazilian friend and I am currently studying samba (part of bossa nova’s roots). Anyhow, here are two albums I that have recently had in my playlist, for anyone looking for some more good bossa nova.

    Stan Getz & João Gilberto – Getz/Gilberto
    Bebel Gilberto – Tanto Tempo

    Keep up the great work. I owe Aurgasm for a lot of the best music in my library!

  6. Rachael :

    Excellent blog.

  7. Julie :

    another bebel…thank god for bossa nova’s offspring.