broken beat // future jazz // hip-hop

Breakdancing and graffiti roots converge with fashionable French writing and visual stimuli to create a contagious blend of soulful, jazzy good rhymes, laden with a hip-hop reverie that’s almost non-existent these days. Irfane Khan-Acito, Jay1 & Jerome Hadey from Strasbourg and Paris fuse an album of everyday messages people tend to share or ignore, but ultimately live through, with a positive, youthful expression.

Dancefloor grooves that inspire and ignite.
Outlines – Just A Lil Lovin
Outlines – Now That I’m Free
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13 Responses to “Outlines”

  1. Paul Irish :

    “Just A Lil Lovin” might sound familiar. Aurgasm earlier featured a similar remix by GB. Both tracks do a great service to the original by Carmen McRae.

  2. Benoit :

    Yeah cool
    I send this track to Paul last week… =)

  3. Steve :

    Great stuff as always. Thank you Paul and Team. I discovered this Site a few month ago. Why aren’t the older tracks avalaible anymore?

  4. Jake :

    Steve, I believe Paul was contacted and asked to take down those tracks. Every track after that whole fiasco was cleared up, I think, is working properly. I can’t quite remember exactly how it went.

  5. Sean :

    Is that RZA from Wu-Tang on the second song?

  6. Kyle :

    It is the RZA

  7. Mido :

    Thanks a lot !

  8. News of Edward Mid terms and Thanksgiving :

    […] that you probably haven’t heard of. I’ve found a lot of great stuff from there. edIT, Outlines, Julia Kent, Asa, Emma Salokoski Ensemble and Flevans to name a […]

  9. Marcin :

    Outlines are great! Thanks Paul.

  10. Steve :

    Thx @ Jake

  11. Greg :

    This is now my favorite album. I have listened to it so many times. Thank you for the excellent recommendation.

  12. Matthew :

    Wow, this group is great.

    I’ve been listening to their songs non stop here haha.

    I’m definitely buying their stuff.

  13. Julie :

    oh, oh this i like…nice pick.