Carmen McRae & GB

jazz vocal remixed // chilled broken beat

While jazz sirens like Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan had voices that made doves cry, Carmen McRae had a rhythm in her song – a bebop-style phrasing that could make Max Roach swoon. Her take of “Just a Little Lovin'” was first released in 1965 on Atlantic’s Great Moments in Jazz compilation. Earlier this year a mysterious producer named GB took McRae’s precise and casual vocal line and crafted a chilled, soulful track directly around it. Since then he’s gotten his paws into one of Ninja Tunes’ latest releases by Dwight Trible & The Life Force Trio.
Some sexy, sneaky bedroom music.

Carmen McCrae – Just a Little Lovin (GB Remix)
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16 Responses to “Carmen McRae & GB”

  1. Anonymous :

    Love that Carmen McRae tune! — jonhope

  2. Anonymous :

    shiiit, real dope.

    is there an album i can get of this?


  3. Justin :

    gd, you’ve done it again

  4. Anonymous :

    by far, my favorite McrRae tune. this version, while not bad, could have gone un-made. it’s like painting over the mona lisa…not much reason for it. check out Carmen doing a live version on ‘Live At Ratso’s, Vol.2’

  5. Kahlo :

    I like the version, Carmen McRae is sooo great…

  6. paul sireci :

    I love her album Carmen Sings Monk.

  7. runman :

    What a mess. Hard to believe you could get it so wrong. Try this instead ‘Carmen Mcrae – How long has this been going on_remixed by MJ Cole’.

  8. Paul Irish :

    Runman, you’re wrong.

  9. Moko :

    This remix is a rip-off of the Irfane mix of the same song. Originally put together in 2002, it developed a cult following thanks to Gilles Peterson’s (awesome) BBC radio show. Get the full story here, and hear the new, rerecorded Irfane version:

    However, I prefer the bootleg/white-label mix, with the original vocals — hear piece of that at

  10. runman :

    Paul, not sure what you meant by
    “Runman, you’re wrong.”
    My opinion of this track is not wrong, it IS my opinion. I just don’t like the way it was mixed. Had potential to be a great track.
    Checked your link to amazon
    ‘Verve Remixed
    ~ Various Artists’
    What were you trying to show me there? Did I get the details of my suggested track incorrect?
    Believe me, I’m not tying to be smart here, you have my undying respect. Your taste, eloquence, and style, makes this blog the coolest on the net in my opinion. HUOOGE pat on the back to you Paul, much appreciated.

  11. Paul Irish :

    Sorry about that runman. Bad day. :-]
    I thought you meant the track I posted was really the MJ Cole mix. All good now.
    I checked out that track and really enjoy it. Thanks for that.

  12. Anonymous :

    It’s beautiful.

  13. Anonymous :

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  14. dj mongol :

    great remix. GB was perhaps mysterious when this remix first dropped as a bootleg direct to Garth on KCRW, but by the time it was actually released a year later on the atlantic remixed (atlantiquity) album, he had dropped an LP and several sick singles, one with a dope sa-ra remix. The LP is nice, you must check.

    As for it being a rip off of the irfane cut, I disagree. Yes, the Irfane cut came first and the original unreleased version is the real s%*# (I don’t like the redo as much), but the gb version is a totally different take on a different singer’s version of the same song. That’s like saying that all the different versions of “ain’t no sunshine” are rip offs of some “one” version.

  15. Seb Jarakian :

    Beautiful!! I love old jazz remixed. Actually I love anything remixed!!!

  16. Anonymous :

    I like! ford