El Ten Eleven

post-rock // instrumental

While post-rock fans have been enjoying El Ten Eleven‘s textured, atmospheric instrumentals since their 2004 self-titled debut album, it wasn’t until I saw Helvetica, which heavily features tracks from 2007’s Every Direction is North, that I discovered this creative duo. The music meanders and crescendos, calms and invigorates, adding layer after layer to an emotional journey. You can’t help but want to go along for the ride.

Double neck bass guitar, electric drums, and effects pedaling delight.
El Ten Eleven – My Only Swerving (stream only)
El Ten Eleven – Living on Credit Blues
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6 Responses to “El Ten Eleven”

  1. Paul Irish :

    Also featured in Helvetica are Aurgasm faves Kim Hiorthøy, The Album Leaf, and Four Tet. They’ve done a great job curating sound to accompany the graphic delight.

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  3. Benoit :

    The first track look like a french band with an excellent rap
    You can listen all the album at;

  4. Serk :

    YAH! My Favorite Ever Poem!!! Not surprising I loved the track before I ever read the title. . .

  5. Deirdre :

    If this music were a person I would sit on its lap and rest my cheek against the lucious nape of its neck.

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