Little Dragon

electrojazz // glitch-soul

If a few piano keys can give way to glitchy sounds swirled around to accompany a soulful, jazzy, bassline bop, then strutted with a parade of atmospheric keyboards, hi-hats, and 80’s movie charm, where a melodically-luscious, poignant voice plays freely atop a heartbeat’s skyline, than you’d be listening to Little Dragon. Yukimi Nagano, by way of Swell Session, Koop, and José González, is making music with high school friends Erik Bodin (drums), Fredrik Wallin (bass) and Håkan Wirenstrand (keyboards). Peacefrog!

A jack-in-the-box of passionate and playful stories.
Little Dragon – Twice
Little Dragon – Constant Suprises
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15 Responses to “Little Dragon”

  1. Paul Irish :

    “Twice” has me completely ensnared. Thank you. (Also this is the first time two writers [Kyle + Julija] have independently wanted to post an artist). Great find.

  2. nivek :

    ah,yukimi!so brillant,she is……thanks!

  3. cJw :


    Again, another great find via aurgasm – rawk. Thanks yet again! : )

  4. Scarborough :

    Constant Surprises is propels me through the city. Wonderful, thank you!

  5. Pamela :

    I’ve been digging their whole album for the past month… and the fact that she’s Jose’s girlfriend.. can a girl get any luckier?! Great find.

  6. Iain :

    Twice is such an amazing song! Thank you so much for posting. The clip is also captivating. A link below for anyone interested.

  7. Chris :

    Wow, what a fantastic find. A must buy.

  8. Javs :

    I wish it was all as downtempo as “Twice.”

  9. Sirsparrow :

    I fell in love with Twice

  10. :

    Little Dragon…

    Keine Rockmusik mehr. Ich kann den Kram irgendwie nicht mehr hören. Vor allem nicht am Rechner. Da brauche ich schöne warme Sounds die meinen Kopf noch weiter in den Bildschirm tragen und die Welt dort begrenzt, wo der Schreibtisch aufhö…

  11. Nick Yarosz :

    All the names that make this band have me extremely excited to get thier album, Thanks for opening my ears kyle.

  12. Emma :

    This is awesome.

  13. ATX :

    What a find! Gorgeous. And I love the production. May I say your taste is exquisite?

  14. snow_san :

    look into the jpn edition. besides the 3rd track, the recordings are slightly different. imo, the jpn ed. is better.

  15. undomondo » Uwan selects. :

    […] an album of these short interludes. Little Dragon is a Swedish band which I first heard thanks to aurgasm. Their self titled album is a great sport if you are into mellow Scandinavian alternapop with deep […]