Magda Sinit


I spent Saturday night in NYC watching the final performance of Sufjan StevensBQE at BAM, an entirely incredible experience. A full live orchestral instrumentation behind his tracks took away my breath and brought me to tears during ‘Casimir Pulaski Day’. On the bus back home, it was tough to merge back into reality. Helping smooth my transition is an artist who has an oddly unique name. But just like with Sufjan, behind that jarring moniker is quite a treat. Magda Sinit weaves her soulful vocals into finger-snap groove.

Nothing unexpected, just chilled for consumption.
Magda Sinit – Mista, Notice Me

7 Responses to “Magda Sinit”

  1. dmix :

    Magda sounds great-always good to hear some new soul blended with hip-hop. No need for an Erica Badu is there,,

  2. Mere :

    I was at the BQE show on Friday night – the full orchestra made all the difference…it was amazing! I’m so glad you posted pictures as we weren’t able to get any. Thanks!

  3. kkwet :

    I do agree… sounds too much like an Erika Badu twin sister…
    thx Paul for great music you bring here !

  4. kostas :

    hopefully I’ll go see her live in london next week. Thanks for bringing her to my attention :)

  5. skebat :

    Very nice, good to hear someone that sings from inside.

  6. CntrlScrtnzr :

    was also at BQE for that last performance. Truly beautiful.

  7. mivvers :

    Oh my god, those pictures. I got emotional just looking at them. Thank you.