Dawn Landes

bluegrass // folk

Expanding understanding of American roots music, in a place described as a cross between a garage and studio in Texas, Dawn Landes and The We Sorta Tried Bluegrass Band recorded a cover of Peter Bjorn and John’s “Young Folks”. As a result, the whole bunch rendered the pop classic into a bluegrass gem of switching male-female vocal parts, accompanied by acoustic stringed instrumentation. New York-based gifted interpreter, sound engineer and songwriter Dawn Landes possesses a natural ability for bridging raw folk and alt country, and the beguiling intimacy and spontaneity of her songs is comparable to such artists as Beth Orton and Cat Power.

Giving new life to old-time traditions.
Dawn Landes – Young Folks
Dawn Landes – Twilight
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8 Responses to “Dawn Landes”

  1. Gunnar :

    Thanks for writing about Dawn here, Paul :)

  2. Stephen :

    I’ve seen Dawn perform a couple times in Philadelphia, where I live…she was opening for the band Hem, with whom she’s recorded. I was really impressed, and have purchased her CDs. I’m delighted to see her getting more exposure!

  3. c4 :

    we wrote about her a few months ago–i think she’s adorable. http://www.orphanrecords.org/2007/08/orphan-review.html

  4. Chris :

    A few months back I came across that same Young Folks track by way of a music video for it – well worth checking out –


  5. Sirsparrow :

    I enjoyed Twilight, but I really couldn’t get into Young Folks. I don’t know what i was expecting to hear from Dawn… but unfortunately I didn’t like it.

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  7. tinyways / Softy-Folky: Dawn Landes :

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  8. David :

    Came across this post while researching American roots music. This is good stuff. You may also be interested in this guy: http://www.chrisyurchuck.com/

    Also, if you want to read more about American roots music, you can see my post on the subject: http://trane-station.blogspot.com/2007/11/what-is-american-roots-music.html