Erik Enocksson

shoegazing // experimental

Throughout his strongly evocative pieces for the soundtrack of Farväl Falkenberg, Stockholm-based composer Erik Enocksson reverberates the stories of a small sea-town life. As Erik Enocksson merges his minimalist folk tunes, sweeping instrumentation of acoustic guitars, piano, creaky wood, ethereal choir chant, and the simplicity of whistles and hand claps, he perfectly captures the feelings of isolation and hopefulness. Influenced by the coastal area, the soundscapes stimulate the sensation of brooding notes and a subtle hint of threat.

Losing yourself in a cinematic-shoegaze experience.
Erik Enocksson – The Joy of D.H. Lawrence
Erik Enocksson – The Lingering Procession
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7 Responses to “Erik Enocksson”

  1. Somme :

    just gorgeous! Julija for mayor!

  2. Zer0_II :

    Great blog! I’m finding plenty of stuff that I’ve never heard before, and more importantly, I’m really enjoying it.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve added Aurgasm to my blogroll. If you’re interested in checking it out sometime the url is:

  3. Tonio :

    thank you for sharing

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  6. Gabe :

    beautiful – where can i buy this???

  7. Gabe :

    duh – just found that little button at the bottom of the post