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Imagine a soundtrack for the picture accompanying this post. Diego Chavez invents spare time for graphic design when not producing music as Aether, his other alias Otic Angst, with A.M. Architect, or for the hip-hop group Lotus Tribe and rock band The Panic Division. The diversity woven into Artifacts is mesmerizing; fusing grit with vibrance and molding casual, assured flows of conscious tranquility while keeping a youthful essence. Exponential describes this as a lovingly sculpted expression of beauty, love, tragedy, hope, and everything that makes us human.

Human elements of abstract hip-hop.
Aether – Orfeu Negro
Aether – Makeshift Sanctuary
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8 Responses to “Aether”

  1. Kyle :

    Remix competition for Aether’s Artifacts, open until January 25th 2009

  2. Tim Yeung :

    Oh my. Makeshift Sanctuary is amazing.

  3. javejavor :

    Makeshift Sanctury has a wonderful dream-like character. never heard of in any hiphop song. Nice!!

  4. alfred smalls :

    Not drawn to the manipulation of Chove Chuva- Jorge Ben seems kinda off limits to me. That’s just me.
    Makeshift Sanctuary is real nice!

  5. Louisa P.-E. :

    I’m really pleased by the sound of Orfeu Negro it’s a really light and nice modern city song!

  6. Aleforge :

    I have never heard of Aether before. Thank you so much for posting it, this site is very awesome!

  7. Loli :

    Easily one of my favorite artists on the site so far. I love both tracks. This goes in many different playlists…sunday afternoon to roadtrip.

  8. Peter :

    I just bought the album through Aurgasm. I really liked “Unspoken” when you featured that some time ago, and this sounds great as well. Thanks for making me aware of his work.