Valérie Leulliot

folk-pop // french acoustic

Former singer of Autour de Lucie, a rather well-known French indie-pop act, Valérie Leulliot has recorded her solo album entirely in one room, with instruments such as piano, acoustic guitars, banjo, percussions and a computer. Valérie’s “Mon Homme Blessé”, Caldeira (2007), possesses Mediterranean inspired arrangements and soft vocals along with an intimate feeling. In “Au Virage” Valérie meanders and slowly unfolds tranquil soundscapes, creating a beautifully melancholic atmosphere.

Hushed vocals glide between warm, quiet tones.
Valérie Leulliot – Mon Homme Blessé
Valérie Leulliot – Au Virage
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8 Responses to “Valérie Leulliot”

  1. dona :

    i love this. thanks so much!

  2. thingz :

    Thnx 4 this lovely calming tune !

  3. uriel :

    I use to listen Autour de Lucie, Iam glad to see Valerie is still making good songs.

  4. Lully desnuda :

    I liked the melody and voice with musical accompaniment lulled with extreme softness and sensuality.

    Thanks for sharing. It enriches the blogosphere.

    Hugs good vibe for this 2009!

  5. bragg :

    love a HOT woman with a sexy voice!

  6. Marcellin K' :

    really cool sound, searching for get her album soon! I was also listening her extremly good vocal in Autour de Lucie band but i’m glad that i found her solo album. I hope to see it in my hands!

    Loves from Turkey, Istanbul!

  7. Marlon Stone :

    I love love love Valerie Leulliot, Autour de Lucie and everything she has done, is doing and will do.
    The Biggest ADL Fan in UK


  8. Corvin Ravenden :

    You are not forgotten Valerie, we love you. But it would be glorious if you release a Landmark 5th Album that can outshine Treasure by Cocteau Twins, sure you know them. Ivo should have signed you as you are quintessential 4AD.