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Vocalizing together since middle school choir in Oregon might give Emily and Theresa a helpful halcyon effect when becoming sound with Jenny and David. Sailing through tiny hairs standing on your skin, a respite, uplifting pleasure occurs from within celestial bounds of their hymn. While bats with lashes are subdued, a euphonic fountain springs relics to revive splendor – revealing love, truth, and care; held tight then let go as each plume chord feathers your heaven; until it’s over.

Sirens sing a ghostly Motown classic.
Warpaint – Billie Holiday
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18 Responses to “Warpaint”

  1. Tobias Weisserth :

    Great sound! Weird to hear the familiar lyrics like that, but it’s a good piece!

  2. GUuzbourg :

    Lucky guy, this David.

  3. Chris :

    I fee like I should be watching a sunset with this music.

  4. Jeff :

    This music is like an “invitation to a trip”…

  5. grenideer :

    In your colorful description, you forgot to say, “a complete bite of Cat Power.”

  6. SimplyPut :

    Where can I download some of the artist on this site? Willing to pay for music.

  7. Robert Halvarsson :


    Next to “Posted by Kyle on Thursday, January 29th, 2009 under folk, other.”, to your far right you can click on “Purchase/Visit” to buy the artists songs.

  8. Michael Chagnon :

    I now realize I got into music for the wrong reasons. Where can I subscribe to David’s newsletter?

  9. stopthemjah :

    Shannyn Sossamon plays the drum….lovely

  10. Kyle :

    grenideer, i left that one open for you.

    stopthemjah, Shannyn used to.. it’s King Davey now.

  11. samuel :


  12. Ansel Wooden Knife :

    Soon to be a favorite of my must have albums.
    Thank you

  13. Jamie O :

    Just browsing the web and came across this site and this great band, very nice, will buy.

  14. Jessica :

    grenideer stole the words right from me.
    They sound quite a bit like Cat Power. If you like this, check out them. They’re better.

  15. Liliana :

    peaceful to the mind body and ears

  16. G Brian :

    I can’t get warpaint out of my head. Undertow and Burgundy , mmmmmmmm, they wash over me like cool water. do they tour?

  17. G Brian :

    what I meant to ask was if they’ll be touring the US anytime soon.

  18. Kyle :

    their tour page has a RSS feed: warpaintwarpaint.com/tour