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Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida make up the husband and wife duo, Lullatone, from Nagoya, Japan. Lullatone’s first album was comprised of lullabies written by Shawn for Yoshimi, and their freshly recorded album is a collection of new lullabies for their child, Niko. Their appropriately self-dubbed “pajama pop,” is a playful blend of whispered vocals, unique instrumentals and carefully spaced beats. For the album, The Bedtime Beat, they mixed the ambient sounds of bedtime rituals, such as splashing bathwater and gentle snoring. Notably, in the song “Goodnight Train” they used a xylophone played with a violin bow to imitate the chug-chug of a train. Conceptual but not distancing, their comforting and alluring sound is far from boring. Rather, Lullatone’s songs are delightful gems that capture the familiar essence of home.

Sweet homemade lullabies.

Lullatone – The Bathtime Beat
Lullatone – Goodnight Train
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4 Responses to “Lullatone”

  1. Lori :

    Imagination come to life. I can see the movie in my head. And I can make the music come to life in my bathtub too! Super kawaii! Domo

  2. John Yi :

    I had the pleasure of seeing Lullatone live in San Francisco last year and talking to Shawn about their US tour (which had just begun). Though I don’t use the term lightly (or often), they are the embodiment of cute.

    Their on-stage presence radiates with childish, playful positivity and their music harkens to the salad days of childhood, when mystery lurked around every corner.

  3. Ben :

    Lullatone makes some beautiful music, and it is now available for licensing for film, TV, commercials at

  4. Stephen Booth :

    Having listened to this lovely, refreshing, thoughtful and quieting music I went to emusic and saved all their albums….great listening