Mickey Eats Plastic

idm // indietronic // abstract instrumental

Mickey Eats Plastic is very kind and friendly duo, Lucz & Bluermutt, from Rome, Italy. With custom-written software they toss together field recordings, guitars, electric bass, synths, and squeak toys into their compositions. Electronic music fans will feel the flavors of Kim Hiorthøy, The Books, and Xploding Plastix in M.E.P’s creations. If you’re not an electronic music fan, these might not twiddle your brain as nicely. The tracks below are off their new album, People Eating Tasty People, which they generously licensed under Creative Commons. (That means its free, kids!)

They say, “We’re simply trying to make nice music.” They succeed.
Mickey Eats Plastic – A Transitorily Abstract Piece Of Music
Mickey Eats Plastic – Every April
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3 Responses to “Mickey Eats Plastic”

  1. Kneuronak :

    Ahhh… Finally. My internets are working again.

    Listening to both, I lean towards Every April. These guys certainly lived up to their non sequitor name.

    Not exactly hummable (I’d give it a 2 of 5 on the hummability scale) but I like it. Saved.

    Also, listening to both at once produces an odd effect. Try it.

  2. Hugo Caron :

    Wow, I cant believe it!!
    The books + Xploding Plastix,
    I love both.. so mixing them together
    and for free.. that’s unreal!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful news

  3. enandrews :

    hey, just stumbled across your page.

    after just listening to both tracks im eager to check out more.