urban soul

Gilles Peterson would be proud of me. Mr Peterson, radio host on BBC Radio 1 and one of my favorite DJs, has an affinity for a particular sound. What is that sound like? These adjectives might get you close: urban, sultry, smooth, jazzy, funky. And all those are perfectly applicable to New Orleans songstress Voice who just dropped a new CD on Toronto’s Public Transit Recordings. A grooving rhythm section and an eccentric tempo curl around Voice’s.. umm”¦ voice. The result is close to the current West Coast soul sound (a la Raul Campos’ Nocturna show on KCRW).

Tight little one for the head nodders and the soul sistas.
Voice – Know Rhythm
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11 Responses to “Voice”

  1. John :

    Wow, that’s a really absorbing track. I seriously can’t stop playing it right now. Thanks so much! :)

  2. Kneuronak :


    Sorry Paul, not my fave. It’s rap, no matter what way anyone puts it, and I NEED a melody to hum during classes.

    But I won’t rant. I’m not the only music lover here, and tastes definitely differ.

  3. Matthias :

    Great stuff, I really dig the groove and her voice. I’m sure Gilles will like this, too ;O)

  4. floodwatch :

    The track isn’t bad, but why in hell would she choose to call herself “Voice”?

  5. Paul Irish :

    Haha. Seriously. Good call, floodwatch.

    Kneuronak, it’s not rap. But I’ll see what I can do for your hum needs. :) Cheers.

  6. Kerry :

    Paul – Pleased as usual. As a side note, I found the economist music purchase graph on your sidebar interesting. I wonder how the totals are calcualated. If taxes are included, the fact that Norway is tacking on more than 20% VAT could boost them up a little bit, and could also have something to do with why the US, which has relatively low rates of sales tax, is down in fourth place.

    Of course, if they don’t count taxes, that makes it even more impressive that Norway is so far up, because they’re spending about 1/5 more than is accounted for in the graph.

  7. elus :

    Hi Paul,

    nice choice. tres excellente but of course i’m very biased towards this genre.

    anyways hope things are well and come by irc every now and then.

  8. bao zhuanshi :

    To me it sounds like:

    lounge + d&b + GodDess= Voice

    I haven’t listened to GodDess in a long time.

    I really liked this track. It’s really magnetic.

  9. Liza :


    You Got Mail.

  10. Chris :

    great track. I just ordered the CD, so looking forward to seeing what the rest is like

    p.s. got sent here via The Guardian (UK) Guide which featured you on Saturday 18th Nov in a sidebar on Soul Music

  11. Me :

    Just found your site and love what I have read/heard. Voice has some serious grooves and tight lyrics, I especially love the name “Captain Saveaho”

    I will keep reading.