Piers Faccini

singer-songwriter // urban-folk-blues

If I told you Piers’ producer also worked with Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, you might hold it against him, you might reckon you can predict his sound, or you may hear in his music an attention to detail that surprises you. Not that there’s a lot of musical elements fighting to be heard; we have Piers’ candlelight voice and his Martin 018 complemented by a sparse but perfect instrumentation. (Listen close: Ben Harper and Inara George lend backing vocals.) As luck has it, his tour is hitting New York, Boston and Philly this week; perfect aural setting for your next date. ;-)

A multicultural background that creates a simplicity of sound.
Piers Faccini – If I
Piers Faccini – Sharpening Bone
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11 Responses to “Piers Faccini”

  1. Paul Irish :

    …and we’re back!

  2. Brian :

    welcome back! good to have the music back and rocking.

  3. Roland :

    Phew, nice to have Aurgasm back!

  4. lena :

    thank you very much for posting piers faccini. i really like his work.

  5. Mich :

    And we don’t get access to /music
    ;_;. But maybe it’s better that way. Much more better.

    Piers should be heard when you are chilling on your bed or somewhere like that.

  6. Marc D. Brooks :

    excellent post

    and cheers on bouncing back!

  7. Anonymous :

    Congrats on beating the phony rap, and thanks for the great tunes. I especially like the bassline on “Sharpening Bone”

  8. Kneuronak :

    Phew. Aurgasm’s back in the hiz-ouse!

    Faccini’s voice reminds me so much of that one guy from rent. Hmm. The lyrics aren’t all that inventive unlike those of Gabriel Rios, whose ‘Broad Daylight’ I’ve been listening to over and over again.

    Lloyd’s still got them Polaroids.

  9. JLV :

    I first heard of Faccini here on Aurgasm, and when I heard that he was opening for Ben Harper I was curious to see what kind of performer would be. Boy, was I ever impressed. And I do not impress easily. If you like his studio stuff, you HAVE to see him live. He adds a bit rougher edge live and he seems to be meld one genre to the next in the middle of songs. But, even with that, he is still an intense performer that I would recommend that you see live in a heartbeat.

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