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Being that you’re a fully committed Aurgasm reader, you’re no doubt fully fluent in the cuban music subgenre son. Not could you only write a four page paper on how the mountainous geography of Cuban affected the flat city of Havana’s music culture, but you’ve also forced your friends to watch the Buena Vista Social Club movie several times. Well today I’ve got a Moroccan version of Compay Segundo, god rest his soul. Rhany brings the full force of Buena Vista’s “Chan Chan” along with an Arabian twist.

Cuban beauty with Moroccan flair.
Rhany – Chan Chan (Buena Vista Social Club Cover)

Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan

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5 Responses to “Rhany”

  1. huipiiing :

    amazing stuff.

  2. Mikołaj :

    Music from Buena Vista Social Club is wonderful :) and this refers to almost everything you reccomend on your site, you’ve got a great musical taste!
    best wishes from Poland,

  3. Adam :

    “Chan Chan” is my favorite song from Buena Vista Social Club, and this is definitely a worthy cover. Gotta love those Moroccan vocal stylings alongside the Spanish.

  4. El Cañonazo :

    best version since the orishas! the song sure has made its way around the world, which is suprising since its so young. most the BVSC music is more than 60 years old, but “chan chan” is still a teenager.


  5. Pelle :

    This is very impressive. The slight distinction in tuning between the two influences (which might be just about normal in Arab music) works very well. Making this crossover is a difficult job, that is very well done.