Kelly De Martino

minimalist folk // singer-songwriter

Kelly De Martino is an American born singer-songwriter signed with a French label. She’s worked as an actress in some TV series, films and commercials in Los Angeles, entered the world of fashion in New York City by creating clothing and saving money for leaving for Paris. French press refers to her as etrange et belle Américaine and her minimalist folky songwriting, fragile, seducing voice were already compared to Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star and the vocals of Shivaree. In the acoustic version of “Bumblebees” Kelly’s voice sounds so gentle, baring its delicate, sweet and fresh sound.

Simple and nice.
Kelly De Martino – Bumblebees (Acoustic)

14 Responses to “Kelly De Martino”

  1. John :

    This sucks

  2. Paul Irish :

    Think so? I like that it’s a nice diversion from modern over-produced music. It’s fragility is refreshing. But if it’s not your cup of tea, that’s just fine as well. Though you could be a bit more specific..

  3. melissa :

    delicate and truthful.
    daydreaming outloud.

  4. dirkhaim :

    “This is sucks”
    I think this is more specific, the miracles of the English language

    However, “that is not true”
    Martino is a wonderful flower

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  5. Paul Irish :

    Dirk…. you can link to your review (and use HTML please), but please don’t drop a big spammy ad in your comment. Poor form, chief.

  6. dirkhaim :

    as far as I am concerned, feel free to fix

  7. Garrincha :

    I just love this song.
    Never heard this acoustic version before, thought. Thanks for that, Paul.

  8. Kneuronak :


    I like this a ton. Nice melody, although my tenor voice tends to screw with the song. I’ve got it saved and put on my player, though.

    Hummability: 4 out of 5

  9. Paul Irish :

    Garrincha, I should mention this is Julija’s post. :) cheers.

  10. Anonymous :


  11. Anonymous :

    So simple, and so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this wonderful song. I am very interested in this artist.

  12. fortlauderdork :

    Just stumbled in to this page and this mp3. I’m torn… and here’s why. I do love the minimalist sound and do love this kind of simple folky sound. But here’s the rub. She sounds like a million other young girls who stumble into NY that know how to plunk out three notes put their bad high school poetry to simple melodies sitting cherub like on a stool while everyone looks on either amazed or zombie-like while daddy pays the rent on her Village apartment. It’s songs and music like this that gives folk music a bad name.

  13. Eirik :

    Suffering subtile. I liked it.

  14. Nina :

    Hey Fortlauderdork…at least she doesn’t sound like those Australian 40 year old twins Kite and Butterfly out of LA. They can only play two notes between them and sound like cats being murdered. Talentless x 1000000.