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5 Responses to “Madjo”

  1. Aonghus :

    Nice… I particularly like the first track off the album – Leaving my Heart (not because it’s in English though)… thank you once again Julija, you have shared something magical once again! :)

  2. Romulo Rodhrigues :


    I simply love this blog! But I haven’t seen new stuff lately. Hope you guys keep it, it’s one of the best blogs/sites to find new music or new artists.

    Great Job!

  3. Lucas :


    This blog is awesome! I found about it today, its the best i’ve known for new music and artists, this french woman is amazing!
    Thank’s guys

    PS: You should really listen to Moveis Coloniais de Acaju it’s a great band I listen here in Brazil.
    Here’s their myspace
    thanks a lot!!

  4. mama :

    why do you call her french senegalese? this singer is French. just because she has a little black (senegalese) doesnt make her senegalese.

  5. Catherine Holder :

    OMG, she is ADORABLE! I LOVE her voice, like a French Corinne Bailey Rae or Adele! I don’t speak a WORD of French, and this album is just fantastic! Guess this shows how good music is just transcendent! You guys rock:)

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