Special: Aurgasm’s Jukebox Mélange mix

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  1. Paul Irish :

    btw, the first track in part 1 (by The Rip Off Artist) is microhouse/glitch, so if you start freaking out that something’s going wrong… everything’s okay. :)

    Also, the seekbar on the music player doesn’t work until the file is totally downloaded. You’ll know it’s done when the player indicates the total duration of the track.

  2. will :

    this is awesome.

  3. Le TeeTee :

    Excellent work! :)

  4. Lenlow :

    This is great stuff, Wondering you found all these nuggets!
    BTW, the Mark Ronson song in Mix #1 is “Diversion”

  5. Omar Guerrero :

    Just with the first notes of the pick guitar (2nd mix) I knew it’ll be a great material. Thnx a lot.

  6. Paul Irish :

    Lenlow, good call. Something put me off about those mp3s.. turns out all the track names are off by one. :)

  7. Tristan :

    great mixes… why can’t I view who’s playing and skip back and forth with your player within the mix?

  8. Rosscott :

    Any idea where I can get more from that first artist, “The Rip Off Artist – What Kind of Blue”?

  9. Paul Irish :

    http://www.inflatabl.com/index.html was their label. The compilation Blu TribunaL is probably out there somewhere but not so easy to get.

    If you can’t find anything, shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

  10. Jonathan :

    Great stuff! Still enjoying last year’s Fukstronaut mixes all these months later. I suspect Melange, especially Mix 2, will be in heavy rotation for a long time as well.

  11. jia :

    let me know when you drop by london sometime. would love to hear you live.

  12. Zildian :

    damn the second mix burns me out, yesterday i heart it 3 times!! its awesome!

  13. melanie :

    I want to buy both of the Mix Cd’s. How do Igo about doing so???

  14. drew :

    strikes the deep vein of juicy noise

  15. J6M8 :

    Absofrikkintastic. (Hint; that’s not a real word, even without the ‘frikkin’.) EVERY single track on here is brilliant. I’m STILL listening to these mixes two years later!

  16. Paul Irish :

    Thanks man :)

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