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Sometimes on a fluke I’ll pick a song I like, and google the title along with “remix”. Generally it turns up plenty of results, but a dearth of quality. But I think I struck gold when looking around Radiohead’s “15 Steps”, as I found this cover by Amplive, a Bay Area remix specialist, and half of the hiphop duo, Zion I. Amplive put out Rainydayz Remixes, a solid collection of tracks, build from In Rainbows samples, and layered with hip hop vocalists. Featured in the Fukstronaut mix, “15 Stepz” is the most polished—Codany‘s baritone playing off an irresistible bassline.

Monsieur Yorke meets Bay Area soul.
Amplive – 15 Stepz (feat Codany Holiday) [Aurgasm quick edit]
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6 Responses to “Amplive”

  1. Fred :

    Good to see you posting again, Paul… it’d been far too long. Here’s to hoping you can get back in the swing of things again!

  2. Paul Irish :

    Haha. :) I hope so as well.

  3. Melissa :

    Love this! good find

  4. lefoo :

    I think it’s an ok cover to a wonderful radiohead song. Some of the electronic sounds in the back sound like coming from cheap music applications.

  5. freeformradio :

    The best song on Amplive’s remix disc. Solid!

  6. Mat :

    Oh dear.
    It was allright.
    Until they changed the beat.