Special: Aurgasm’s Fukstronaut Mix

My good man Tom Korkidis (of Eksi Ekso) asked last week me to join him playing some music at a local pub, River Gods, in Cambridge. The night had a great vibe, a full house and plenty of worldly tunes. I wanted to offer my sets to you guys as well.

Aurgasm – Fukstronaut Mix (part 1) (47min):

  1. Marlena Shaw – California Soul (Diplo/Mad Decent Remix)  Verve Remixed 4 (2008)
  2. Kultiration – Ur Jord Om Gaia (2004)
  3. Nitin Sawney – Shadowland (feat. Ojos de Brujo) Shadowland (2008)
  4. David Holmes – Rodney Yates Let’s Get Killed 1997
  5. Cinematic Orchestra – Flite Everyday (2002)
  6. Da Cruz – Sarah Nova Estação (2007)
  7. Lightning Head – NPG Afrobeat EP (2007)
  8. TM Juke – Electric Chair (instrumental feat. Elmore Judd) Electric Chair EP (2008)
  9. Hint – Snake Patrol At the Dance EP (2007)
  10. Astrud Gilberto – Bim Bom (Psapp Remix) Verve Remixed 4 (2008)

Aurgasm – Fukstronaut Mix (part 2) (55min):

  1. The Pharcyde – Runnin’ (Philippians RMX Instrumental) Rmxxology (2008)
  2. Natural Self – Faultlines (Aurgasm edit) The Art Of Vibration (2008)
  3. Lettuce – Blast Off Rage! (2008)
  4. Manu Dibango – Soul Makossa Soul Makossa (1972)
  5. Radiohead – 15 Stepz (Amplive Remix feat. Codany Holiday – Aurgasm quick edit) Rainydayz Remixes (2008)
  6. Bonobo – The Fever Days to Come (2006)
  7. Parov Stelar – Kiss Kiss Daylight (2008)
  8. Biosis Now – Indepdent Bahamas Calypsoul 70 (2008)
  9. Mr. Scruff – Stockport Carnival Ninja Tuna (2008)
  10. Dubben – Karameller Kollectoren Dub (2007)
  11. Mr. Scruff – Hairy Bumpercress Ninja Tuna (2008)

30 Responses to “Special: Aurgasm’s Fukstronaut Mix”

  1. Anton :

    I just pressed play on part one without looking on the playlist. And what a shock when the second track was swedish.

    And thanks for some really good tracks in a good mix.

  2. Matthias :

    I like the second part.
    Nicely done

  3. Anthony :

    Hey Paul: How about letting us locals know when you’re out and about? River Gods is a great spot, I totally would have come out to hear you guys…

  4. uriel :

    thanks, awesome mix as usual

  5. Paul Irish :

    Sorry.. I haven’t announced these things on my blog, mostly because 98% of my readers are not local. :) If you friend me on Facebook or watch my Twitter stream, you’ll usually catch these sort of events.

  6. Michael :

    hey Paul,
    your mix was GOLDEN. really really loved it and am in the process of making sure my friends get on your site and give it a listen! Dope. and love how you let the songs ride out. I dont usually like mixes that play 20-30 seconds of each track!
    Thanks again!
    greetings from switzerland!

  7. Shoord :

    Excellent picks, sounds really fresh! Keep it up.

  8. gMoney :

    Nice progressions on pt. 1! very smooth. Pt.2 is hittin’ the iPod as I write, but just wanted to give creds where cred it due.

  9. Jenniw :

    i’m addicted.
    lets here more, i’m there, i’m all the way there.

  10. pip :

    hey. ime interested in alt folk cross over with live dj mixing… any ideas of people who do this i could listen too? thanks muchly

  11. idealkrush :

    that was a nicely mixed complilation…like a world travel..bravo!

  12. Jonathan :


  13. Rosscott :

    This is amazing. Loving it.

  14. Andras :

    Great mixes. I’m still waiting for your next sets.

  15. Rikki :

    Hey! I love the first part of the mix. Is there any way we can buy it?

  16. mns :

    Hey Paul! Wonderful mixes. Any chance we could have the splitpoints in a .cue file, to run it through cue splitters like Mp3Splt? Please let me know if this is something you could provide or already have.

    Thanks in advance!

    Wonderful blog. You have awesome taste in music.

  17. Robert Halvarsson :

    Good selection! :) Enjoyable evening music.

  18. BariBass :

    Hey I really like the second mix, very well put together although I haven’t gotten through mix 1 (saving it for the gym on Monday!) mix 2 is very chill I’m diggin it all! One question, it says that 15 stepz is by Radiohead but those lyrics didn’t sound like Thom Yorke…Maybe I’m just crazy

  19. Paul Irish :

    Sorry man. No cue file is available. :-/

    The remix is by Amplive. The vocals are from Codany Holiday. :)

  20. Matt :

    Played this at a party over the weekend, and everyone really liked it for the most part. Thanks so much!

  21. DrBubble :

    I have been exploring aurgasm silently for sometime now, you have a truly eclectic taste for music. Not sure how I missed this site for so long. Great mix Paul.

  22. scott :

    another great mix

  23. Cat :

    I just stumbled upon this site and I think this mix is amazing!Would love to download it if I could – is there anyway to do this?

  24. Paul Irish :


    Rightclick the links and save them! :)

  25. Mario :

    I really love this mix (and everything else about your site). Thanks for the good taste in music.

  26. Ellie :

    On the first mix, I love the song after Da Cruz – Sarah, yet it doesn’t sound like Lightning Head – NPG. Am I insane, or is there a song in the mix that remands nameless on track list?

  27. Paul Irish :

    Hey Ellie,
    I went back and took a look and it goes straight from Da Cruz into the Lightning Head.
    Here’s a sample of the Lightning Head independently..

  28. Mattias :

    Kultiration is a kickass swedish folk-reggae group! If sweden had the drug-culture of jamaica that’s how our folk music would sound like. Check out their track “Utan Fotfästa” & “Melomel”. They have also released an album with dub versions of their songs if your’e in to that ;) Thanks for the worlds greatest all-music-blog!

  29. Carlos Lopes :

    In the second part, you missed the fourth song, One man entourage, The Bamboos. By the way, the best one of your mix.

  30. Rosscott :

    I still listen to this mix all the damn time.