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10 Responses to “Kutiman”

  1. BadEvan :

    Thank You for turning me onto Kutiman. I’ve been bopping around to “Music Is Ruling My World”. It’s making my day that much better.

  2. dirkhaim :

    MC Karolina is one the Banot Nehama, which It you featured. Maybe should link to that post


  3. Julija :

    Yes. Thanks for the reminder, dirkhaim.
    MC Karolina (Karolina Avratz) is a member of one of Aurgasm favourites Habanot Nechama

  4. javejavor :

    “No Reason For You” is such a groovy track. Excellent, thanks for sharing this gem!

  5. Tim J. :

    The spacey groove of “No Reason” is making my morning delightfully less mundane. Thanks!

  6. Deirdre :

    This music made me want to remove my skin and roll around in it.

  7. Reut :

    the Kutiman music is amazing. I am from israel and bought his beautiful record a couple of weeks ago. this one is a real treat, one of the albums for 2007.

  8. huipiiing :

    I love this! Probably one of the best aurgasm picks!

  9. LaurenLauren :

    Wow, these songs are amazing. Great find. Thank you.

  10. Aviv :

    http://thru-you.com/ Show’s his work well…

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