Waylon Thornton

gothabilly // folk

In my hunt for a loud, abrasive sound, I found Waylon Thornton’s guitar riff drum pounding garage surf Lake Butler, Florida grit to finally satisfy. After listening to the 20+ albums he’s unleashed over the span of five years, the instrumental Black Salt became my favorite.. for a time. Eventually storms subside and I mosey along; catching inspiration or simply exploring until I’m somewhere. Drifting down New River Vol.1, parting clouds shape imagination and cooling water splashes my face as I lay on a raft of improvised twangy acoustic tunes. Their scenic, contemplative spirit holds freedom, struggle, wisdom, and genuine splendor.

The essence of music’s magic.
Waylon Thornton – Coffin Nails (Black Salt)
Waylon Thornton – Four (New River Vol.1)
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2 Responses to “Waylon Thornton”

  1. Kyle :

    for early rock n’roll with unique twists and Waylon vocals, check out Pale Jewel


  2. Leah :

    I have been verbally telling people about Enter the Coven here in Austin, TX. Would love to see this band at SXSW!