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If the ’50s had sampling, New Zealand export Willy Moon would be a flashback. But at the age of 23, his brash mix of rock & roll’s early days and contemporary sampling turns the clock forward to a bold new charm. Before settling into his new home of London, UK, this autodidact ditched school at 16 and shaped his raw sounds with sojourns in Valencia, Morocco, and Berlin; evolving from hip-hop and club into sonic sledgehammers having sole-blistering effect. Willy’s supercharged collage of well-known samples, combined with his unique retro vocals, makes a fiercely catchy package, and his visual style looks equally well mastered in a slick ‘Rat Pack’ refined naughtiness.

Smokin’ hot throwback beat explosions.Willy Moon – I Wanna Be Your Man
Willy Moon – Railroad Track
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4 Responses to “Willy Moon”

  1. Tony Sasho :

    That Railroad Track is off the hook!

  2. pop beats 2013 :

    willy is so good. love these tracks. thanks!

  3. Living Music :

    I’ve been listening to the Railroad Track all morning! Can’t get enough

  4. Saint Errikos :

    Willy is nice artist, Im working toward to my dreams. Give me a minute of your time, please.