Carmen Souza

world jazz // cape verdean

The music of Lisbon-born and London-based songstress Carmen Souza is hard to categorize, but easy to love. In her recent studio-album Kachupada (2013), Carmen embodies the influences of traditional Cape Verdean sounds, American jazz, Latin, Afro-Caribbean rhythms and more. Carmen’s remarkably soulful voice is the center of it all, as she easily swings through exotic beats and mellow jazz tones with a feeling of saudade. Her version of Charlie Parker’s bebop classic “Donna Lee” sounds festive, danceable and extraordinary original.

Jazz-tingled tropical musical adventure.

Carmen Souza – Donna Lee

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5 Responses to “Carmen Souza”

  1. The Danny Church Band :

    Hard to describe indeed! Very french indie film and so lighthearted and breezy. Donna Lee is not for beginners either! Love it

  2. Blake :

    I have absolutely no idea what I’m listening to. Thank you!

  3. resoundsound :

    Weird but I love the music carmen does.

  4. Living Music :

    Such a fun french song! Very energetic!

  5. Living Music :

    found the video <3