electronic // post r&b

Designs similar to Atupele’s Pictures on Silence have intrigued me, but there is a quality in this 20 y/o’s Michigan Malawi purpose that lava lamps me to a greater plane – liquidating my conscious inside an orb of electronic bass and faint promiscuous echo. Slow Koreless to a hibernating burrow then resurrect in soulful bounty.

Heavy beat patterns your mind spotless.
Atu – Let Me
Atu – The Duo ft Sango
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7 Responses to “Atu”

  1. Lucas Gonze :

    Loved the laid back groove in the first tune but the vocals in the 2nd rubbed me the wrong way.

  2. Julián :

    awasome!! you should post music more often

  3. Suecae :

    Smooth and refreshing.

  4. Katy :


  5. Matte :

    This is entirely too dope!

  6. freestyle beats :

    very smooth indeed

  7. Living Music :

    very smooth :)