Drew Barefoot

folk // post-rock

Nourished by Sierra mountains, wilderness, and home; cherished by sharing joy through wedding stories; Drew Barefoot renders a threshold baring nature’s cathedral in tone.. and in tune with finding hidden felicity. In a sermon from rustling leaves, or remedial gossip between wind and Forrest Creatures, there is an ageless desire for comfort and trust that is searching for awareness of Heaven from one’s touch. Spiritual union carrying you to a new world; or, for now; simple notes combining soft Iron and acoustic Wine into gently triumphant Explosions in the Sky above underground springs of piano and banjo.

Soothing, exhilarating, inspiring.
Drew Barefoot – Follow the Porcupines
Drew Barefoot – Enjoy the Calm
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7 Responses to “Drew Barefoot”

  1. Brandon :

    This guys music gets better and better every time I hear it! I can’t wait to hear what he does next!

  2. Meri Amber :

    Just gotta say… Their website is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen.

  3. denton music :

    Very nice presentation.

  4. MJ :

    This site is awesome. Lots of great music. However, it really seems you guys are losing steam on posting new stuff. Your fans wish you would post new stuff more frequently!

  5. Maggie :


  6. Puzzle :

    This is really lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Denis :

    Great music! used many times for our wedding films. Love from London x