The Staves

acoustic folk // vocal harmony

The Staves, a trio of English sisters, by the charm of their vocal harmonies, could be easily mistaken for the Southern sirens in O Brother Where Art Thou? (2000). The three sisters’ acoustic vocal folk unites melancholic English folk, uplifting West Coast pop, and Southern blues. “Icarus”, taken from Mexico EP (2011), features delicate guitar, soaring vocal harmonies and heart-warming songwriting. The Staves will be releasing their debut album in October 2012.

Ethereal harmony-drenched folk.

The Staves – Icarus
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3 Responses to “The Staves”

  1. Will :

    LOVE them! Beautiful voices. My band is working on three part harmonies, and this is the cream of the crop.

  2. ncomedy :

    Great feeling! Bravo!

  3. Graeme Claridge :

    Dead & Born & Grown, this is an awesome album and I listen to it as I write this.
    I only discovered The Staves very recently but I knew immediately that I had to have this album and so I downloaded it and burned it to disc so as to listen in the car and it was well worth every penny paid.
    It is refreshing to know that there is music of this quality out there amongst the drivel of the Simon Cowell stable and other such corporate music factories which don’t produce any real music but MUSAK.