Hannah Schneider

danish pop // vocal electronica

Following the recent international success of Oh Land and Fallulah, it’s safe to say that Danish songstresses take the current electronic-infused pop tendencies beyond the too common synths-plus-strings clichè. Copenhagen-based Hannah Schneider’s sophomore album Me Vs. I (2012) combines classic singer-songwriter tradition, perfect pop sensibility and Nordic electronic soundscapes. In the standout track “Me Vs. I”, featured below, Hannah’s mesmerizing vocals are emphasized by endless layers of electronic sounds and sample-collages.

Mesmerizing Nordic soundscapes.

Hannah Schneider – Me Vs. I

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2 Responses to “Hannah Schneider”

  1. Bassophile :

    This song will go nicely as I cruise if my 61′ Chevy Corvair.

    Thanks for posting this up. By the way, I can see through my ears, nice. =]

  2. Filippo :

    :-) :-) :-) :-)