Andrea Ball

piano pop // indie-songwriter

Gorgeous melodies and captivating phrases of poetic innocence rise from a big splash in Andrea’s heart. Steeped in her rich, breathy voice, the Beat Beat Pound of piano joins sweeping strings to serenade unveiled affection for someone special to appreciate forever. But sparks fly then fade, and gravity alone cannot hold feelings together. From passion to passerby – distancing memories of love ripple away. Time pauses in a summer rain keeping you inside to relax, think, and sip tea. Bittersweet moments linger on repeat as reflective longing tides our minds like the catchiest measures in songs.

Lyrically sweet and beautiful.
Andrea Ball – Gem
Andrea Ball – Sun Goes Down on the City
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4 Responses to “Andrea Ball”

  1. Kimberly K. :

    What an amazing artist! Gem sounded so beautiful, I just had to purchase the high quality version from her Bandcamp page – thank you for introducing her to me!

  2. Suecae :

    Very captivating. The combination of voice and instruments is terrific.

  3. mordicus :

    great voice,great music,great look!number 1 everywhere!

  4. Tyler Kellogg :

    Thanks for handing out some Denver, CO love!