Ann Sophie

jazz // soul

In a vast sea of female jazz vocalists, the newcomer New York-based chanteuse Ann Sophie quickly caught our attention with her retro glamorous single “Get Over Yourself”. As the debut single sets the tone, the real treat is actually down the road – her upcoming EP. Ann Sophie possesses a truly passionate, convincing vocal style that would appeal as much to soulful jazz-pop lovers as well as retro-soul sweetness devotees.

Strong vocals and superb production.
Ann Sophie – Get Over Yourself
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One Response to “Ann Sophie”

  1. Lizz Potter :

    I think Amy Winehouse’s passing paved the way for a new wave of retro-soul/pop/jazz divas to emerge…here’s hoping, anyway! I like this…at times I think the vocal may be a little wordy…but it’s a cool tune.