Nick Waterhouse

rhythm & blues // rock ‘n’ roll

Turns out that Nick Waterhouse’s vintage R&B and early rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic isn’t limited to his throwback ’50s sound. His entire approach to production follows this same faithfulness — Time’s All Gone, the 25 year old’s debut album, was recorded mostly live, entirely to tape, and it certainly pays off. The album pops with barely restrained wildness and energy that’s infectious and addicting. Whether it’s the blaring horns, catchy hooks, or Waterhouse’s crooning vocals; there’s a lot to love about this record. Take his music for a spin and join the party!

Nick Waterhouse – “Some Place”
Nick Waterhouse – “(If) You Want Trouble”
Good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll.
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4 Responses to “Nick Waterhouse”

  1. Andrew Gilmore :

    Brings back memories of the Squirrel Nut Zippers :)

  2. C J Evans :

    love the vocals ( you want trouble), cool sound.

  3. Benjamin Fillion :

    Wow f***ing awesome sound! I never heard these guys before. I love the blues roots to it!

  4. Joan Cerqueiro :

    A like this guy! thanks for posting stuff like this. Nobody seems to care much about the retro thing.