Kinnie Starr

alternative rock

Of all the songs I love with endless feeling or thought attachable, Kinnie Starr‘s “Friendship and Creativity” goes beyond; joining core values of who I am. Her confrontational statements unsettle then affirm as she slides between tranquil and stern, with music swelling among concerns, confusion, and vehement frustration. It’s her direct, lively, and personal manner that resonates viscerally in me, and this hasn’t been matched since discovery in 2000. She speaks to and of humanity; tying her honest desires into one simple, nakedly exposing wish. (thx, Nelly)

My favorite song.
Kinnie Starr – Friendship and Creativity
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4 Responses to “Kinnie Starr”

  1. Kyle :

    Dear Aurgasm listeners, what is your all-time favorite song? (or 2 or 3)

  2. Andrew Gilmore :

    Andrew Bird -Weather Systems

  3. L.N. Hammer :

    Scotch &Sofa, “Visite des recoins”

  4. frank :

    – ‘Wild Eyes’ by Mariee Sioux
    – ‘Homeland’ by Bee And Flower (this song slays me…)
    – ‘What Else Is There’ by Royksopp
    – ‘Lie In The Sound’ and/or ‘I Know’ by Trespassers William

    …left the first three quarters of my life out of it and still ran over! hey – great blog, i’ve been a reader since 06! -frank-