Jamie XX

electronic // future garage

An idiophone is any musical instrument which creates sound primarily by way of the instrument’s vibrating, without the use of strings or membranes. Steel drums, or more appropriately known as steel pans, are mallet-struck toned ideophones and seemingly fit extremely well in the post-dubstep world of “future garage”, “wonky” or essentially 2011’s evolution of 2-step. Balanced very well against the gravity percussion, unintelligible vocals and a sweet and salacious bassline provide a warm bed. My recommendation: listen but turn it up and drop in at 3:45. Sublime.

Bendy, bouncy, but based in reality.
Jamie xx – Far Nearer
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6 Responses to “Jamie XX”

  1. Paul Irish :

    Also apologies for a fairly well-known tune, but I couldn’t not share it with those who haven’t heard it yet.

  2. Caroline :

    I’m one of those people, a huge thank you from me!!

  3. Andrew Gilmore :

    Saw his name all over Pitchfork quite recently , but never listened to anything yet. Impressed.

  4. Andrew Gilmore :

    Also can’t believe I’ve been on here for 5 years and haven’t left a comment. Thanks for sharing all the great artists over the years, especially Aether, Felix Laband, Flanger, Bersarin Quartett, Doris Ebong, War Paint, Worm Is Green, Trentemoller, Pretty Lights, Susumu Yokota, Tycho and so many others….

  5. Jenna :

    I’m one of those people as well. Love it!

  6. chris :

    great review of the style. heres a recent mixtape i did http://soundcloud.com/toffeecookies/november-mix