Saravah Soul

afrobeat // tropical funk

Summer is the time for everything to slow down. While many of you are enjoying the warmth and summer festivals, cold beverages and roof parties, Saravah Soul will provide you with that kind of perfect Afro-meets-Brazilian vibe for the ultimate summer soundtrack. In their recently released album Cultura Impura (2010), Saravah Soul blends together West African melodies, 60’s funk and Brazilian rhythms. Their richly intense compositions are build around horn arrangements, vibrant bass, Pifano (bamboo flutes) and Berimbau, interweaving with hypnotic choruses.

From Afrobeat to carnival in Rio.
Saravah Soul – Alforria
Saravah Soul – Funk De Umbigada
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3 Responses to “Saravah Soul”

  1. Erica :

    Very cool… mix of old and new

    Great to stumble upon this site. Thanks!

  2. Dan :

    This is one of the coolest sights i’ve stumbled upon in a long time. Cheers

  3. MikeATTheNewConfusion :

    Been getting heavy into Afrobeat this year, but been having a hard time finding groups that are actually doing it “right” (instead of just throwing in a horn line or drum pattern that’s vaguely reminiscent of something Fela could’ve done stoned, upside down and with no arms) — thanks for this!