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Scotch & Sofa is comprised of a Miss ChloĆ© Monin and Sir Romain Preuss. Chloe went to the jazz school of Montpellier; and then sought a bandmate. On the walls of the school, she passed an ad: “seeks guitar”. As a self-taught musician, Romain developed the “finger picking” technique while listening to Joe Tex, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding or Thelonious Monk. He saw Chloe’s post. Months and months later and we can now enjoy this video. (thx Christophe!)

French’s sublime sound, 11 years after Les Nubians’ “Makeda”
Scotch & Sofa – Visite des recoins (video)
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19 Responses to “Scotch & Sofa”

  1. Christian Perfect :

    The name of the band is wrong in the title of the post.

  2. Travis :

    I thought she was playing the theramin at first the way her hands were moving.

  3. Wim Leers :

    Wonderful! But the links to Amazon & iTunes appear to be incorrect. Can you please fix them? Thanks!

  4. Paul Irish :

    Whoops. Thanks Christian.. Durr. :p

    Wim, this got fixed too. Sorry, yall! thx for the bug reports. :)

  5. Veronica Wells :

    One of the many reasons I love this site! Keep up the good findings guys and gals!!!

  6. Virgil Almeda :

    You guys remain the best place I look to for good music.

  7. Richard Lacroix :

    Discovery of the week! Many thanks! :-)

  8. Abderrahmane TJ :

    this blog is really incredible.

    but why is the last post has been posted 13days ago ?? :/

  9. mersin jigolo :

    thanx admin

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    very good page

  11. Shawn :

    itunes doesn’t seem to have this track – three other excellent ones – but not this. Is there another address for this track specifically? What a fantastic find!

  12. MikeATTheNewConfusion :

    This is SO cool. Definitely also thought she was playing the theramin at first, but am quite thankful she’s chosen to grace us with her voice instead.

    – m

  13. andrew :

    Honestly, I can’t get enough of this. Where can I purchase this artist’s music?

  14. Brian Durkin :

    There is no way this guy didn’t learn how to play without listening to Charlie Hunter. :)

  15. Zach :

    What happened to the link? It said that they took the video down.

  16. Paul Irish :

    I’ve emailed the band. Hopefully they can get another mirror up. In the meantime i don’t really have any videos of theirs to replace it with. :(

  17. vimspot :

    I really liked this video. I bought their EP here
    it’s good though visite de recoin is my favorite of the 4 songs I have.

    I’m happy I grabbed the mp3 off youtube for visite de recoins before it was pulled (not sure why). I can’t find a place where you can buy this song, but if you want the mp3, feel free to email me at the [name for this comment]

  18. Scott :

    Wonderful – Video here:

  19. Paul Irish :

    Thanks!! Updated the post.. Appreciated, scott.