Caro Emerald

vocal cabaret jazz // swing

So much music from the Netherlands and Sweden stays landlocked and never breaks past political borders. Luckily, a member of the Aurgasm community tipped us off to the incredible Caro Emerald, a singer, with a full jazz band, from Amsterdam. Her music has a nostalgic 40’s feel to it, but is infused with an energy that drives the melody, and your feet, to the beat. (thx zeno van der kist)

Danceable, snappable, and simultaneously terribly romantic.
Caro Emerald – That Man
Caro Emerald – Stuck
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14 Responses to “Caro Emerald”

  1. ayu :

    kok gak bisa dbuka ya…

  2. Luca :

    Nice! u can also check Bart & Baker : Swing Party

  3. seph(ra) :

    most excellent, as usual. love the 40s ella-ish feel.

  4. James :

    Love this. A great find.

  5. drew :

    Yes! And her song Back It Up is a good one, too.

  6. malte :

    I like the humor in the video.

  7. Erica :

    Also has a 60s pop feel infused with big band… very cool…

  8. zephirnl :

    Super cool! This is so good. And they can bring it live too. Go check ’em if you have the chance!

  9. gilbert :


  10. Ella :

    She’s great isn’t she? I’m from Holland, and here is she is quite famous already. You should listen to Back it up, That Man, but Night like this is also great. Maybe she’ll be world famous once!!

    Grtz from 14 year old Dutchie

  11. Rorita :

    This is a beauty!

  12. Peter :

    Great music!

    this was her winter ‘summer’ hit, perfect for the dark days:

  13. JD :

    Love her…

    and see what she can do with a cover:

  14. Pedro :

    Wonderful! Listening in Brazil!