William Fitzsimmons

singer-songwriter remixed

The incredible mastery of Pink Ganter’s production is inescapable. The track opens with an analog hum introducing a steady beat, waves of female vocals hit you like deliberate but soft sun rays. The rhythm guitar soon goes underwater to let William’s soft voice tell the story. Take this song into the sunshine with you. (thank you, Chrissy)

Matching production precision to lyrical aplomb.
William Fitzsimmons – So This Is Goodbye (Pink Ganter Remix)
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20 Responses to “William Fitzsimmons”

  1. Paul Irish :

    This is off the new Derivatives album. It’s full of tracks as good as this. Definitely recommended.

  2. Rekha :

    Paul, how many years has it been that I’ve tracked this blog? Six? You keep coming through. Thanks.

  3. Stearns :


  4. someguy :


  5. Alper :

    feel the emotion

  6. mlms :

    thanks Aurgasm for all the music you give us the opportunity to listen to. i’ve put you on my links on my french musical blog : desnouvellesduson.blogspot.com.
    You can translate it by news from the sounds
    All the best
    keep on giving us such good music

  7. Leigh :

    Great track! I can’t stop listening to it; I love his voice, the beat, the female vocals… Thanks!

  8. Dennis :

    Thanks, first time I’ve heard his music, it’s great.

  9. Oakland :

    Fitzsimmons gives positive vibes. But we find the paroles a bit unsuitable with the super gentle beat…
    Still, this is a great one!

  10. Simon :

    Great tune! Your description makes it even better. Keep up the good work! Thanks from Germany

  11. Ella :

    Wow, makes me daydream…

  12. GhostintheToast :

    truly excellent work.

  13. Batman :

    Alright, the description for this is mind blowing. In a horrid, painful, stick up the ass kind of way. Deliberate but soft sun rays? Who’s your dealer? Give me his number. I’ll gladly take this song into the sunshine with me. So long as you give me the drugs you were on.

  14. blargaflarga :

    Batman, you are excessive.

    Yours truly,


  15. Karmony :

    Who needs eyes when there is music this good?

  16. Rorita :

    Simply amazing!!!!

  17. Matt :

    Funny you should mention that, Karmony. Both William’s parents were blind!

  18. tobias :

    Cool track, and thanks for pointing out what album it’s from. Listening on Spotify, it’s great. I remember we had a chat about affinity for chilled out electronic tunes when you were in Norway, this is certainly right up my alley. I’ll be checking back! :) cheers!

  19. Mario :

    great song!! thanks from Guatemala!

  20. bob :

    sick beared dude