Caravan Palace

electro swing // gypsy django party

If you can judge a group by its influences, try these out: Django Reinhardt, Vitalic, Cab Calloway, Justice, Lionel Hampton, Daft Punk, Billie Holiday. The Paris-based group has been touring since they broke out at the Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival in 2007. They deliver an old gypsy swing, but through a very accessible and fresh dance music production. I hadn’t heard of them until they stole my ears at the Dour Festival in Belgium this summer.

Django Reinhardt is raving inside of a carnival tent.
Caravan Palace – Jolie Coquine
Caravan Palace – Star Scat
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20 Responses to “Caravan Palace”

  1. Alan :

    Goodness gracious. I think this my favourite thing I’ve seen here in a long while, and that’s certainly saying something.

  2. J6M8 :

    Incredible! I just watched the Jolie music video OVER AND OVER AND OVER… It’s a piece of genius, from a design point of view and from a musical point of view… In-freakin-credible post, thanks so much!!!

  3. Andrew :

    I really like it because of the clever genre-bending; I don’t like it because its forced fusion is campy. I haven’t quite decided which seems more true to me.

  4. Dmitri Vietze :

    Caravan Palace are playing NYC’s globalFEST on Jan 10; come check ’em out. One ticket for a dozen artists at Webster Hall (3 stages). It’s a blast. This year also includes Namgar (Siberian shaman rock from the Central Asian steppes), Federico Aubele (bolero and cumbia meets electro downtempo), Nightlosers (Transylvanian rock/Gypsy chameleons)…

  5. Dmitry :

    I’ve been a fan of this site for years, but this is perhaps the best music you’ve ever posted. Thanks for introducing me to it!

    Another song I’ve come to love of theirs is “Dragons”.

  6. Tim :

    That video was totally awesome.

  7. Markus :

    Fun stuff! Reminds me a whole bunch of MOVITS! who were featured here earlier in the year…I agree with Andrew it’s a bit campy, but I think that is part of the fun thing…

  8. EJMM :

    Keep on keepin on — you’ve got fans out here.

  9. Tara :

    My favorite things I’ve listened to on here yet. Thanks for such a great find.

  10. ObiWan :

    This really is aurgasmic! ~ Like icing on a festival, and Turkish delight, but for your ears

  11. 1mylivej :

    I stumbled here and now a big fan after this wonderful treat! How refreshing and energizing – thank you…

  12. Amanda :

    Long time, no update… :(

  13. Guuzbourg :

    Saw them live in Holland, very funny, very danceable, very energetic.Salad, Tomate, Onion was a big hit over here.

  14. Daniel Kachvartanian :

    Wow, I can’t stop hearing. Thanks so much !

  15. ben :

    Love it…Thanks!

  16. Typoboy :

    I like it so much that i spin that sound at Chicken Swing Parties in Paris France

    enjoy my swing-hop and electro-swing mixes at (and also balkan brass beats mixes)
    Many thx for this website with a great selection of the finest tunesd

  17. Shoord :

    I’ve seen them at the Dour festival (Belgium), it was one joyful gig, very energetic and true to the original sound.

    @Guuzbourg, I don’t recall that they’ve had a ‘hit’ in The Netherlands (they’re probably still very underrated..) :)

  18. Winter :

    So glad I found this website! Great music picks, I’ve already ordered a CD of one of your picks. Love these guys specifically!

  19. Sabina :

    Soooo addicting……

  20. rob :

    so addicted to this song and the whole album now! thanks!