Robin McKelle

vocal jazz // swing jazz

As the days become shorter and the nights get colder, I find myself immersed in smooth tasty retro swing and vocal jazz. Robin McKelle’s Modern Antique (2008) provides with that tasty kind of vibe that sounds so good while sipping warm apple cider. Indeed, Robin’s repertoire is “antique” — mostly songs from the 40’s to early 60’s, yet her approach is fresh. Her retro-big-band-swing interpretation of Steve Miller’s pop hit “Abracadabra” is an absolute gem. It’s so charming, inventive and sweetly flirtatious you wouldn’t recognize the original in it. Another favourite, “Go To Hell” (Nina Simone’s tune) features refined and stylish arrangements with Robin’s emotive and powerful phrasing.

Tasteful finger-snapping jazz.
Robin McKelle – Abracadabra
Robin McKelle – Go To Hell
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8 Responses to “Robin McKelle”

  1. Wim Leers :

    Very different than what I’m used to, but very cool :)

  2. David G. :

    In my humble opinion, this is the most brilliant think you’ve ever submitted, Julija! I immediately felt the compulsion to buy this. It will make an excellent addition to my party playlists.

  3. Crys Armbrust :

    YouTube video of Zenos Frudakis’s sculpture model for the soon-to-be-dedicated bronze of Nina Simone in Tryon NC.

  4. Kristin :

    Love this :] I could listen to it all day, if I didn’t have to go to school.

  5. Andrew :

    Her previous album, Introducing Robin McKelle, is also quite good.

  6. Dirty :


  7. Enay :

    A mature, clean sound. It is good to hear this kind of big band style jazz from someone new- it is refreshing.

  8. nico :

    no offence to the steve miller band, but robin mckelle’s cover sounds as if “abracadabra” was written to be covered as a jazzy tune. I actually had to check back to hear if it wasn’t already a jazz song in the original, because mckelle’s version sounded so natural to me.