Jessica Fichot

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French chanson tradition, Chinese folk motifs, Continental jazz and Latin notes are interwoven together into a colourful collection of songs on Jessica Fichot’s debut album. The versatility of her debut Le Chemin (2007) mirrors her multicultural and multilingual background. Often accompanied by piano and accordion, recalling the rhythms of waltz, polka and cabaret music, Jessica’s elegant songwriting evokes the images of 19th century Parisian coffeehouses and dance halls. “1,2,3” is a fine example of her inventive songwriting, clear vocals and a distinctly French instrumentation.

Delightful arrangements from the heart of Paris.
Jessica Fichot – 1,2,3
Jessica Fichot – Le Grenier
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10 Responses to “Jessica Fichot”

  1. Stephanie :

    OMG! Amazing! I am in LOVE.

  2. Elizabeth :

    She is wonderful! Her music carries a nostalgic tone and makes me think of vintage Paris. :)

  3. Julie :

    Inventive arrangements, and a very sweet voice. I love it!

  4. Side A Track 1 :

    Wonderful. She sounds like the love-child of Edith Piaf, 8 1/2 Souvenirs and Pink Martini.

  5. Stop Dreaming :

    Beutifull woman!!

  6. Stop Dreaming :

    Biutifull woman!!

  7. JohnDario :

    I like it¡

  8. Alias Dr House :

    la chanson Française c’est nulle !!! mais qui écoute ça à part les critiques bobo hype branchés pour faire genre “connaisseurs”
    en fait de connaisseurs, ils n’y connaissent vraiment rien à la musique.
    la preuve : vous connaissez bcp d’artistes français chantant en français qui marchent à l’international ?

  9. Emma Wallace :

    Amazing! I adore Emily Loizeau and Camille but I had never heard of her. I am so excited to have a whole new album of treasure to listen to.

  10. Kathleen Seah :

    Totally new to french music and this sounds simply awesome! Thanks for sharing (;