Gavin Glass

americana // soul

When handed Gavin Glass‘s Holy Shakers album and told it’s more rock than what he’s playing with Lisa Hannigan‘s ensemble, never did I expect to be astonished and excited by genuine Southern rock sounds. Born and bred in Ireland, Gavin left school at eighteen to pursue various paths of music; eventually being impassioned by a documentary about Canada’s The Band. From there, his sound took on a timeless nostalgia of folk, country, blues and rock, with sparse moments of gospel and jazz. He sings like the heart of a soul that rarely gets to speak; a longing for years of wonder to embrace the hopes and dreams of childhood through ragged stages of growing up, discovering, and becoming whoever you are.

Earnest Southern rock from Dublin.
Gavin Glass – The Juxebox Rag
Gavin Glass – Ragdoll (with Cathy Davey)
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8 Responses to “Gavin Glass”

  1. Stephanie :

    I love this sound. It reminds me of Nickel Creek.

  2. Conn :

    Wow! The Jukebox Rag is pretty different from anything you’ve played on here so far, its great.

  3. 3D :

    Hey. Good discovery!

  4. derek :

    he is playing a show on oct 22nd 2009 in the globe on 23rd and lex in nyc

  5. Richard Berkemeier :

    Great show at the globe

  6. Richard Berkemeier :

    Gavin should do a show in LA after the concert at the Troubador

  7. Chrissy :

    Loved it! Just downloaded the entire album from Amazon in about 30 seconds :)

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