Audie Darling

country-folk // singer-songwriter

Venturing from home in Nashville, Audie‘s sound grew dear as she followed charms winding their way through mountain trails and Parisian boulevards before encountering musical kin in Portland. With helpful newfound friends, a tickle of entrancing hymnals was then culled from her memory; forming a delicate, haunting echo in your heart that asks where you’ve been. Were you calling out quietly in the night for a friend? Or swinging in tire swings on dwindling summer days… an occasional ring to your ear of someone you knew and should maybe say hello to. Do clairvoyant clarinets introduce another scene? Stringing you along as hammers unlock dissonance and banjitars herald kind nudges anent upright bass. Jeering ghosts fleshed out with hindsight; twilight’s mist dispersed upon reason; her songs usher in an elusive, captivating treasure to collect and hold tender forever.

An audio darling.
Audie Darling – Warn Out Shoe
Audie Darling – Little Bird
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12 Responses to “Audie Darling”

  1. Kyle :

    ps. she’s opening for Aurgasm alum Theresa Andersson on May 16th in Portland, Oregon at Mississippi Studios.

  2. Ori :

    This is amazing. Thank you so much for posting it! I can’t stop listening to Little Bird.

  3. Alex :

    I liked her songs, specially “Little Bird”

  4. Stephanie :

    Love her!!

  5. Aurangel :

    The soundtrack of my dreams!!!!

  6. peacegreen :

    It is one of my favourite melodies

  7. Doodle :

    To the person who writes the blurbs about the artists, I think you have a fantastic command of the language and you always manage to say the things that come to my mind when I listen to any of their songs. You evoke a world that I never knew existed in music. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep writing! Oh by the by, I love worn out shoe, its so personal and reminds me of a past life.

  8. macha :

    The beginning of Little Bird sounded like a Bowerbirds song…

  9. Leviethan Cecil :

    Go Audie!!!

  10. Justin Appley :

    I’ve been following Audie’s music for a couple years now. She’s continually growing as a songwriter and performer. I’m never disappointed when catching a show of her’s. She’s a diamond in a sea of cubic zirconias.

  11. Audiepc13 :

    Audie has a hauntingly beautiful voice and a very nice name.. which I have too!

  12. Secret Admirer :

    I fell in love the first time I saw her, but now that I’ve heard her voice- I am speechless.